Welcome to the Spotty club! Great to see that you’re taking a look at the website of Spotty. Spotty is a camping dog from Italy. He’s always in a fun and good mood and very good with children. You’ll be able to ‘spot’ him with his black spots on his white fluffy fur, as well as the blue flowers on his hat. He lives in his wood hut on the campsite and in his very own Spottyland. Spottyland will give you the feel that you’re in the forest, or in a wide open field playing between trees, amongst the grass with colourful butterflies. Spotty loves to dance with the children, to sing, and to play. And just take a guess what his favourite food is? Pizza and spaghetti of course!

Spotty has many different friends from all over the world and different countries. In summer you can come and visit him at: Camping Weekend, Camping Orlando in Chianti, Sivinos Camping Boutique, Vacanze Camping Boutique, Vallicella Glamping Resort and holiday park Residence II Gabbiano. Spotty looks forward to your visits all year long! Will you also be visiting him this summer?

Post for Spotty

If Spotty can’t see his friends, because he’s at one of the other campsites, he looks forward to a message or letter. Would you like to tell Spotty something, or maybe paint him a nice picture? Give your letter, painting, or something you’ve crafted to one of the entertainers and they’ll make sure that your post gets to Spotty!

The post gets sent through Spotty train to the other campsites. At Camping Weekend you can even join in for a ride in the fun train. There the train travels over the entire campsite, taking all the music fans to the kids Mini disco. Spotty is always right at the front dancing, so he can meet all his friends. He even has his own Spotty song and you can find it right here.

Play time Spotty

Spotty loves to play with others. One of his biggest hobbies is adventurous play in the forest, fun games at the Mini club, and rides with the golf car. He loves taking pictures with all his friends too. Spotty knows all the dances, which you can also learn with Spotty and dance along with him too at the Mini disco. He’s already looking forward to craft and paint with you in the Mini club. Have you already downloaded a colouring template from the website? You can print it out, colour it in, and upload it again. Or you can send them by mail to Spotty.

Spotty’s most favourite thing to do is take a swim in the beautiful Lake Garda! He swims from Camping Weekend to Residence II Gabbiano so he can visit his friends there. But Spotty has just as much fun when he is splashing around in the swimming pools of the camping parks. His favourite pool is the one at Camping Orlando in Chianti in Tuscany. But also at Camping Weekend at Lake Garda there is a great Spotty bathing paradise for the young guests!

You can meet Spotty at Camping Weekend, Sivinos Camping Boutique, Vacanze Camping Boutique and Residence Il Gabbiano at Lake Garda and in Tuscany at Camping Orlando in Chianti and Vallicella Glamping Resort.

Do you and your parents have a photo of your time with Spotty? Or do you have a nice painting for him? You can upload them with your parents to the Spotty club fan page on Facebook. Spotty would really look forward to that! Spotty also tells stories of his adventures and uploads pictures there. Please don’t forget to “like” the page, so that you are always well informed about Spotty!

On holiday at the Spotty club!

Would you also like to become friends with Spotty and visit him on holiday? Ask your parents if it would be possible to go on holidays to a campsite with Spotty club. You can enjoy your holidays with Spotty at Lake Garda, or in Tuscany. Which campsite or holiday park do you and your parents like the most?

Spotty is looking forward to greeting you and welcoming you to one of the holiday destinations!