Wall of Fame

On this page, you find the picture of the month. Is your picture not on it and / or do you want to see more pictures from the Spottyclub? Go and take a look on the Facebook-page of Spotty.

Minidisco on Camping Weekend

Crazy Spotty!

Spotty with Jippie the Hippie and Beppy Heppy

Spotty is brought home again

Cuddling on Camping Weekend

Minidisco on Il Gabbiano

The children on the stage!

Sssttt… Spotty is coming by surprise!

Dancing with Spotty

One moment for a picture with Spotty on Orlando

One moment for a picture with Spotty on Il Gabbiano

The new Spottyland on camping weekend

Spotty on the seesaw!

Spotty is also going on the swing

Peekaboo! There is Spotty in spottyland!

Cuddling with the campside children