A happy, spotted dog takes care of the fun side of things: our mascot Spotty! The dalmatian Spotty lives on our campsites and in the holiday residencies. With Spotty the holiday will be full of fun and variation!

Eventful and relaxing holidays for the whole family, that’s exactly what Spotty is here for. At Camping Weekend he even has his own Spottyland for the kids! At Camping Orlando in Chianti, Sivinos Camping Boutique, Vacanze Camping Boutique, Vallicella Glamping Resort and at Park Residence II Gabbiano Spotty is just as prominent. The children will definitely have loads of fun with the joyful and fun camping mascot, for example, dancing with their new four legged friend at the Mini disco, or taking a selfie with Spotty. Spotty even has a CD of fun hits that really entertain every evening. And as a small keepsake for their special holiday friend the little ones get a fluffy toy figure of Spotty!

Visiting Spotty

Whoever visits Spotty can look forward to a varied entertainment programme. The young guests feel very at home with Spotty. From 4 years onwards they can craft, play, and have fun in the Mini club. For the older kids and the grownups there are sporting activities. And at the evening Mini disco it’s not only the youngest ones that get their disco swing on. A holiday with Spotty, now that’s an unforgettable time for the whole family.