Who is Spotty?

Spotty is a happy, spotted dog. He lives in Spottyland and is The children's friend of the campsite. A vacation with Spotty is a vacation with fun! Spotty loves walking, dancing, playing and taking photos with his friends.


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Vallicella Glamping Resort



Spottyclub at the Tuscan coast


Spotty's Mail

Spotty loves to get letters, drawings and color pages from his friends. There are also nice color pages of Spotty you can draw.

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Did you make new friends on the campsite, and you want to let them know how much fun you had with Spotty? Send your friends a real Spotty e-card! Write a nice message and we will send the e-card for you.

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Vacanze Camping Boutique



Spottyland at lake Garda!


Sivinos Camping Boutique



The Spottyclub directly at lake Garda


The Spottyclub

The Spottyclub is the ultimate animation experience on the campings of Vacanze col Cuore. Campingmascott Spotty the dog is a kind children's friend. He gives children the summer of their life! Celebrating your vacation at a campsite where you have the spottyclub, promised to be a nice holiday for everyone.


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